Do you dream of your own production farm? Do you want your own fresh-grown vegetables and fruits?

Then why not start your very own farm? start small but start your own.

There is so much emphasis today on eating natural, organic foods but it comes with a higher price from supermarkets. That’s why like many people you should also consider growing your own vegetables in a home garden or a small-scale farm. It’s very easy to grow your own vegetables, and at harvest time, vegetable gardening is a very rewarding pastime.

In the beginning, the first year of planning and plantation brings the largest amount of effort but don’t be upset, similar hectic efforts will not be needed every year.

Every single drop of sweat, in the beginning, will pay you a penny later on
What to consider when you are starting a farm?

1. Picking a good spot for your garden or a farm:

When you are planning to start a garden or farm, be sure to pick a good spot that has a good transportation facility so that you can bring inputs easily to your farm and transport your produce to the local market or processing units.

2. Area with good soil, sunlight, and water resources:

The area selected for the farm should have good soil. It must get plenty of sunshine for plants’ photosynthesis and a sufficient supply of irrigation water to avoid drought and wilt conditions of your plants in a garden or a farm.

3. Starting small and choosing the best-suited vegetables or fruits in your area:

As a beginner, you should start small. Never invest all your money in starting a farm as a beginner. Learn and invest by visiting your local markets and local farmers so that, you can get an idea of which crops or plants are meant for your area.

4. Layout design:

When starting a garden or a farm, the layout matters the most. how many plants do you need on your farm and what will the row-to-row or plant-to-plant distance be in your plants, it all depends on the layout. A good layout will bring ease to your cultural practices and a good amount of yield. 

5. Soil and Water Testing:

When you are planning to start a commercial garden or a small-scale farm, you should definitely go for a soil and water analysis of the land first. Plant type varies according to the type of soil. Some fruits and vegetables thrive best in sandy soils, others are best growing in loamy soil. Generally, most of the plants thrive best in loamy textured soils which have an almost equal proportion of sand, silt, and clay. Similarly, the water used for irrigating plants should not be saline or brackish, or high in toxic chemicals, otherwise, it will deteriorate the plant health badly and the yield of the plant will reduce.

6. Clearing weeds and Improving soil with compost/manure:

Now you have got the soil profile of your garden or a farm, it’s high time that you should clear all the weeds and add manure/compost to your garden to increase the fertility before plantation. A good amount of essential nutrition must be present in your soil to get a good quality of produce.

fertilizer application in field

7. Finding seeds/seedlings:

When starting a garden or farm, make sure you don’t bring any unhealthy or diseased plants in your garden otherwise the production potential of your farm or garden will reduce and you have to spend extra money on pesticides. So, always choose healthy plants and purchase them from registered nurseries or seed companies (in case of growing from seeds directly).


By following the above guidelines you will get an idea about starting a small home garden or a small farm or even a small commercial orchard. Then what are you waiting for…!!!


Starting your small farm or garden is an excellent source of pleasure as well as income. It will free your spirit from all kinds of distractions. Your farm and garden can also become a good source of passive income if you are doing it part-time. But if you are doing it full time, with the passage of time, the small farm will develop into a commercial farm with commercial-level profit.

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