“Tools of many kinds and well choosen,

are one of the joys of garden”

Are you wondering what type of gardening tools are there and how are they useful in gardening?

And how do they assist you in establishing your dream garden?

You will get introduced to all gardening tools here

Type of tools for every type of garden

Digging Tools Cutting Tools Watering Tools Planting Tools Propagating Tools Cultivating Tools
Shovels Saws, Axes and Hatchets, Scythes Hose pipes Trowels Cloches Rakes
Spades Secateurs and Hand Pruners Sprinklers Dibbers Cold frames Hoes
Forks Shears & Loppers Watering Cans Bulb Planters Grafting tape Cultivators
Table: Type of Tools mainly used in gardening

Thinking about gardening? start purchasing basic tools first. It will save your time and money.


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